One of the main factors which reveal the quality of education offered by KES COLLEGE is the warm and friendly environment that exists. This comes through interpersonal relationships, respect of students’ personality and the morality of the College. Within this framework, friendly human relations exist. Teachers and Instructors collaborate in an effort to keep a high educational level.

Further to this, the Student Union Committee takes initiative which contribute to the development of intimate social relationships among teachers, students and College management. Such initiatives include organising parties, tours and trips in Cyprus and abroad, and other events, which contribute to the development and social awareness among students.

Of particular significance are charity events organised by the Student Union Committee which encourage the feeling of donation and human care to students. These include blood donations, fundraising, sports days and other events which aim to help financially various non-profit organisations.

Also, in various programmes, special internal competitions are organised between students referring to the main themes of the programmes.

Such actions certainly contribute dynamically in creating a comfortable environment in which students are progressing successfully and meet their objectives not only as individuals but also as members of society.

The above is one of KES College's core priorities and an effort is always made by management and staff to ensure mutual respect and mutual support between all parties in order to be effective in the whole operation of the College.

Lectures / Conferences / Seminars

In addition to the above, KES College often organizes other events that make a significant contribution both to the contribution of our country in general and to the contact of our students with the surrounding atmosphere and the contemporary themes that concern our society. Within the above framework distinguished speakers from Cyprus and abroad give lectures and lead special programs - seminars on topical issues related mainly to health, environment and society.

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