Environmental Management Technician
2 years/120 ECTS, Diploma


  • Registered Programme with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Accredited Programme by The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CY.Q.A.A.)
  • Government Grant up to €3.420 for each year of study (with income criteria)

Today, the effects on the natural environment as a result of business and industry are beyond visible, with climate change now threatening living on the planet. Changes in environmental legislation are now more frequent and provide for stricter limits and practices to protect the environment for future generations. Business practices for environmental protection require dynamic and innovative programmes to cope with the challenges of legislation and the market. We need executives to combine academic knowledge and practical skills to improve their environmental performance.

The Innovative Study Programme “Environmental Management Technician" embraces precisely the modern approach to environmental management through appropriately structured courses that meet the needs of businesses and organisations that are required to implement legislation and manage their environmental issues. The Environmental Management Technician can help the business as a whole and in essence to comply with legislation, to act on environmental awareness, to manage natural resources efficiently for mutual benefit and to enjoy the profile of socially acceptable business.

  • Language of Instruction: Greek
  • Degree Title: Diploma in Environmental Management Technician
  • Attendance: Morning or Evening Classes
  • Enrolment Requirements: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

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