New programme of Study at KES College

New programme of Study at KES College

30 July 2018

KES College announces with great satisfaction, the accredited programme of study "Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor".

Today, European Citizens have realized the importance of exercise to protect their health and well-being by participating intensively in training programs in gyms or other sports venues.

Due to the high demand of well-trained Coaches in Cyprus for both Personal Training Programmes and Group Fitness, KES College's new Rated and Certified Curriculum aims to fill this gap.

It is the first programme in Cyprus at the level of Higher Education, which educates people who will be able to design both Personal Training and Team Fitness programmes taking into account the characteristics of each person / trainee, while ensuring their safe execution for themselves and those around them

The Personal Coach and Fitness Team Fitness programme is a two-year programme of study leading to a Diploma. Students are entitled to government grants of up to € 3,420 for each year of study based on income criteria. The theoretical lessons of the programme will be on the premises of the College, while the practical part will take place at the premises of the Oxygen Gym, with which the College has contracted and collaborated.

Graduates will convey the necessity of "Lifelong Learning", contributing to improving the quality of life of all concerned.

Employment opportunities are too many as graduates can work in Gym or Personal Exercise Studios, Hotelss, Exercise and Health Centers, Rehabilitation Centers and also at home as personal trainers / coaches.


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