KES College becomes a signatory to the Talloires Declaration

KES College becomes a signatory to the Talloires Declaration

13 April 2022

KES College is pleased to officially announce the signing of the Talloires Declaration by its Director General Mr Petros Stylianou.

The Talloires Declaration summarizes a ten-point action plan to integrate sustainability and environmental education into the learning, management and external  activity of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) internationally.

It dates back to 1990 when the text was formalised and adopted as the official public communique following an international conference of university presidents and rectors in the namesake city in France.

It is an important milestone, through the recognition by the international university community, on the one hand, of the hitherto significant environmental damage on the planet due to various anthropogenic factors, and on the other hand, the understanding of the important role that HEIs can play in informing and raising awareness of society and the practical promotion of sustainable practices.

This action stems from the long-standing commitment of KES College to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the field of Higher Education, and in general the hands-on promotion of Green Development in Cyprus, through its School of Environmental Studies and the associated Accredited Learning Programmes on offer:

"Diploma in Gardening (2 Years)",

"Higher Diploma in Gardening and Landscaping  (3 Years) and

"Organic Production Technician Diploma (2 years)"

Therefore, its inclusion in the international family of more than 500 colleges and universities in more than 50 countries, acts as the culmination of the actions taken so far and at the same time frames the planning for the future plans of the College.

It is worth noting that KES College is the first Cypriot Private School of Higher Education that has signed the relevant declaration and appears on the internet at this link: https://ulsf.org/96-2/#Cyprus

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